Bleeding Caterpillers


I got a call from a chap named Wilson. He wanted to transfer an old pre-master reel of tape to a digital format. Upon inspection of the box I immediately noticed and appreciated the engineer had done a neat job of labelling the tape with its speed, tone frequency and level, format and it was spooled […]

Yasmin Willmott – Lover Dont Speak

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The latest release from Point Studio is an EP by Soul and RnB singer Yasmin Willmott. The 5 tracks on Lover Dont Speak were sent as demos with Yasmin singing her ideas into her iPhone. Just her voice on the phone was enough to convince ron to take on the project. The songs initial melodies and lyrics were […]

My Placebo Bass Traps


Recently I got the room acoustics and audio analysis software, Room EQ Wizard (REW). And ran some tests using an AKG C451 with and without my bass traps, sound absorbers and clouds. Well I got a real shock when  the results showed they were providing very little in the way of attenuation, really miserable performance was […]

New Workstation Build


Very busy last month building a new recording desk. My studios workflow required something between a traditional mixing desk and a mastering workstation for more comfortable ergonomics. And so I decided to put it together using two plywood 6 space rack boxes, with legs made from a repurposed plywood table top that once resided in Lizottes […]

The Legend of the SKINWHITTLERS

In 2005 a group was formed from the embers of a Tamworth Music Festival pickup band. The Skinwhittlers as they were to be known were Laurie Ernst – drums, Roni Francois – bass, Kim Cheshire – vocals, Michael King – guitar and Gary Steel – keyboards. This band of journeymen players with a formidable pedigree […]

Latest Single from Savilian


A red-hot Christmas arrival from Savilian … Me & My Mac

Mary’s Lie – Still truckin’ with new clip for Secrets

It's A Wrap!

It’s A Wrap! Local central coast band Mary’s Lie have lain dormant for almost ten years. Originally started as a high-school band they drifted apart in their early twenties and only recently decided to reform and play some shows to celebrate their 15 year association . Back in 2001 they recorded their debut EP Secrets […]

Savilian Blinded Remixed

Savilian | Blinded

Feels Like Now – the ep I produced for Hip-Hop artist, Savilian. Was released in May of this year with Blinded lifted as the first promotional cut. The choruses consisted of a sax solo that; although skillfully performed (I thought) didn’t really make the track Pop! I queried Matt at the time and he seemed […]

Studio Upgrade

The Studio Clouds

The Cloud Formation The studio has been getting a bit of a make-over with new Bamboo flooring covering the entire space and sound clouds above our heads to minimize ceiling reflections. The whole thing has focused the sound more and tightened the bass end. The aspect of the studio has also taken a 180 degree […]

Feels Like Now! … Savilian


After six months and more of intense songwriting, recording and production. Feels like Now the new EP from Aussie MC Savilian has finally been released and can be downloaded on iTunes By no means a generic style of Hip Hop production it took quite a while to find a sound/style that matched the energy levels and […]

Savilian drops Mixtape


Savilian aka Matthew Savelberg. Has landed his first mixtape Kid Or Koncept. A 9 track compilation of well known hit songs reworked to feature Savilian’s unique rap style and abilities. We had previously recorded an EP under his old moniker Sureel but due to a name collision he had to drop it and re-launch. This […]

Explosive Heart EP – Light Doubles

Cover_Explosive Heart_Light Doubles 50pc

In October 2011 I started a project with Luke Costelloe, main-man for the Dali’s Angels.  A band I had produced an album for the previous year. On that project we had co-written a few songs and  it had been such an enjoyable process that we decided to continue the collaboration we’ve  called it… Explosive Heart. Luke and […]