I finally finished the video for “Fyreball” –  from Mr Cleansheets and It’s posted up on YouTube for your delectation and delight.

Just as I was rendering the videos final output from Premiere Pro. My computer caught the strongest virus I’ve ever seen, it has smashed the system so bad the rendering had to be output from a backup machine.

Later that week things didn’t get any better … On Wednesday morning I went down to work in the studio and when I switched on the recording system it just sat there silent. I suprised myself at how coolly I took it after finally figuring out that the power Supply was shot.

I’ve added a Reflextion Filter (SE Electronics) to the studio gear.
I only wanted the filter itself, but when they told me the price bundled with the SE X1 mic, I couldn’t resist. I’ve already pressed the filter into service on Luke Costello’s (Dali’s Angels) voice with great results, a much tighter focus with less ambient spill. I haven’t tested the sEX1 mic… Slack!


At present I’m working towards finishing the Dali’s Angels record. After mixing this final track and a couple of days resting my ears, it’s onto the mastering. The digital release should be online soon but I’ll be back with more details.

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