Feels Like Now – the ep I produced for Hip-Hop artist, Savilian. Was released in May of this year with Blinded lifted as the first promotional cut.
The choruses consisted of a sax solo that; although skillfully performed (I thought) didn’t really make the track Pop! I queried Matt at the time and he seemed quite content. But over time with more distance from the sessions, my reservations only increased. The pieces were there, it had just taken a while for them to fall into place.
So I embarked on a remix. First of all I put together the vocal takes as I heard them in my head. And then I created a lot of  fresh elements to support the new chorus vocal hook. I then revisited most of the sounds re-balancing and restructuring the arrangement to get even more dynamics from the song.  I think I’ve been quite successful and for me at least it achieves a more gratifying climax to the verses.
It then occurred to me the video would also need re-editing to reflect the changes. Also on the original I’d had some issues with the color grading and how the color correction had turned out. The low lighting on the set had introduced a lot of video noise and I hadn’t hit it quite hard enough. So I bit the bullet and slowly worked my way through the footage again.

Sometimes you need the distance to be able to step back and look at the project as a whole. Self imposed deadlines .. who needs em.
Savilian | Blinded

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