the rack

  • Recording

    Multi-track recording for bands, solo singer/songwriters, rappers or voice-overs

  • Mixing (multitrack or stems)

    So you’ve invested in a project studio…
    Soundproofed the spare room, played your fingers to the bone and sung your heart out of your chest recording your masterpiece …and yet at mixdown it doesn’t sound quite right. What you could use here is some objectivity and experience. With a Point Studio mix we can help you to highlight the essence of your music, and get as close as possible to the way you heard it in your head.

  • Mastering

    The last stage where all your hard work is compiled into its final running order. We will level match between songs to let your tracks compete at industry loudness standards. Add fades and any sweetening required, dither and render your recordings, ready for distribution.

  • Production and arrangements

    Backing tracks, Hip Hop beats, drum programming, songwriting and musical arrangements. Whether you’re new to songwriting or an old hand looking for a fresh perspective.
    Ron Francois, engineer at Point Studio is a producer, composer and arranger. He can provide pre-production services to help make your studio experience a success.

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